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Mindfulness Coaching (2h)

A 1.5 hour coaching session focusing on mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and trauma counseling approaches.

For those who want to change, but don't know how, want to be more at ease, want to learn practices just for you that are sustainable, want to accept yourself, find what you love, and believe in yourself.

What is stopping you where?

How should you respond?

This is a 1.5 hour coaching session to find, feel, overcome, and move forward together.

Cost: 280 euro (1.5h) 

1,000 euro for 4 times (2 months period)

Online (& Face-to-Face) Counseling (1h)

As I continued to practice mindfulness, a question came to me.

I am aware of my mind shifts, but where do these thoughts and feelings come from?

I am aware of triggers (stimuli) and feelings and thoughts (reactions), but I don't know what connects them... To explore these questions further, I came across a study on Trauma.


They say that when we are born, everyone is given the equal right to be happy. But what happened from there? No, how did I feel about what happened? So what can I do to believe again that I am loved just as I am and for that?

These two approaches will deeply and authentically support you in becoming more yourself and living more with ease.


Cost: 80 euro (1h) for the first session 75 euro after.

280 euro for 4 times (2 months period)
*Please consult with us if you have financial difficulties.


<I am applying these 3 approaches>

Compassionate Inquiry® By Gabor Mate

"Trauma is not what happens to you. trauma is what happens inside you as a result of what happens to you."-Dr. Gabor.


After 20 years of family practice and palliative care and more than a decade of working with patients with addictions and mental illness, Dr. Gabor Maté, a former physician, developed a psychotherapy called Compassionate Inquiry® that reveals what lies beneath the appearance we present to the world.

What if the source of all addictions is suffering, and what if the source of some specific mental illness or physical symptoms is also suffering? How do we question and embrace that suffering? This is what this approach taught me.


Using this approach, both the individual and the therapist can reveal the level of consciousness, the psycho-cultural climate, hidden assumptions, implicit memories, and physical conditions, and formulate the true messages that words express or hide. From there, we can then derive the possibility of freeing oneself from the story one is unconsciously telling and from the control that story is giving to oneself.

(Learn more →

Somatic Experiencing®.   By Peter Levine

Trauma is a fact of life. It does not, however, have to be a life sentence. The paradox of trauma is that it has both the power to destroy and the power to transform and resurrect. By Peter Levin

Somatic Experiencing (SE™) is a body-oriented therapeutic model applied in multiple professions and professional settings—psychotherapy, medicine, coaching, teaching, and physical therapy—for healing trauma and other stress disorders. It is based on a multidisciplinary intersection of physiology, psychology, ethology, biology, neuroscience, indigenous healing practices, and medical biophysics and has been clinically applied for more than four decades. It is the life’s work of Dr. Levine.

When in a safe space our body and nerves system release the effects of trauma, we can truly recover from the trauma without needing to re-live the story.

Transformation from the body and nervous system means a profound change in life and the world you live in now.

(Learn more ->


And mindfulness. The most piece, which can not to be missed out on this journey.


All trauma is something that happened in the past.

It is what happened inside of you because of events that happened in the past.


The unhealed past, the unresolved feelings, are telling you now that you need to feel it in this present moment, to be able to heal it.

What if everything that happens is to lead you to be more of who you really are?

Mindfulness accompanies you on this entire journey in the here and now.


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