Mindfulness Meditation 


Do you take time for yourself to rest?

Are you living at your maximum? 

In your dream, freedom, potential and love?


Are you embracing your life as if time does not exist?

Do you feel alive?

Do you feel love naturally spring up from your inner self?



Emi was born in Tokyo, Japan.

She spent few years of her childhood in Hong Kong. 1998, Emi started to travel overseas to USA, Asia and Europe.2005, migrated to Byron Bay Australia.

Prior of coming to Australia, she was attracted to the philosophy of Yoga and started attending Yoga classes which was still new in Japan.

Self love is the best medicine



Mindful To Your Office

This class offers 30 mins ~ of Meditation (+breathing) will refresh your mind and body.

*Yoga is an extra option too! 

Happiness Meditation Class for Women

Knowing about women’s body, the important menstruation circle and its meaning, femininity and sex can be a great help for loving yourself. (3h×2)

Mindfulness Meditation Introduction WS

This course is recommended for beginners of meditation and Mindfulness, people who practice meditation but not quite sure and people who wish to deepen their meditation by understanding more about brain science, anatomy as well as breathing. (3h)

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training 

Bring the Mindfulness to your life and beyond!

This course (10h /15h) offers to people who are doing not only Yoga but also from breathing and meditation, wishing to practice the well-being approach, furthering the knowledge and understanding of meditation.  





I found out there are many kinds of meditation as well as the importance of breathing.

Mindfulness Class

I learnt thoroughly why the meditation and breathing are beneficial for the mind and the soul. Additionally, I learnt a lot more about myself.

Mindfulness Class



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