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Awareness of oneself begins with Mindfulness.

The body (Somatic work) will further become the gateway to the Compassionate presence of the self.

Then we transform, from thinking to feeling here and now, and from feeling to healing.


I wanted to know the peace of mind stable and flexible like a willow tree, so I started practicing Meditation. The practice of Meditation became the practice of Mindfulness, which mirrored closely how we live our daily lives. As I observed daily life closely, it seemed to me that there were a lot of elements packed into it if we were to live in the present moment happily on the basis of mental stability and inner peace.

But it was all my inner elements. That's what creates the world I live.

I wondered, "Why are these feelings and thoughts happening?"

"And how do I deal with them?"

It was the learning about Trauma that led me on a journey that answered these questions.


How much do I live my life with an authentic self?

Can I believe that the world already loves me as I am?

If you don't believe it, what is stopping you from believing it?


"The Way Out is In" by Thich Nath Hanh

~ If you are looking for a way out, go inside.


The journey of reconciliation has begun and will continue.

To live more authentically, with ease and wholeness.

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