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Happiness Meditation Class for Women

When women are happy, the world is happy. Knowing about women’s body, the important menstruation circle and its meaning, femininity and sex can be a great help for loving yourself. Access to happiness though the meditation which is particularly structured by a woman for women.  

Women can do many things. Even though the female body is different from male body, we live in this linearly built male dominated society. Therefore, some women who keeps stretching their minds in this male dominated society are getting tired physically and mentally. Let’s learn to feel the importance of relaxing ourselves as women in this society, at the same times as meditating helps balance in the brain. Let’s also learn the life-long approach which gains more knowledges about female body, its’ mystery as well as possibility that will lead to happiness. 

*Accept the mystery of you being a woman.

-Knowing the structure of the body and what you need as a woman.


*Caring for your soul and uterus.

-Yoga, breathing, meditation, pelvic flow muscle training, aromatherapy etc.


*Knowing the connection of brain and hormone.

-The methods of stress management, breathing and meditation.


*Give ample love to yourself to be happy!

-How do you love yourself?

Course Content

The content of this course is subject to change. 

Part 1: “Acceptance”

Accept yourself – knowing your menstruation circle.

Yoga and breathing to open your heart.

The charm of a smile ~ The brain is deceived by expression.

Daily meditation method for women.

Part 2: Love

What is love? What does making love mean?

Yoga and breathing to open your heart.

Talk about female body.

The connection between the pelvic flow muscle and your beauty.

The brain and moisturising hormone.

Meditation focusing on femininity.


Though the session, I realized I have been over-trying. I learnt the importance of softening as a woman.


The content of the session was great, the scales dropped from my eyes.


. I would like to pay more attention and care about my body as a woman.


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