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Mindful To Your Office

This class offers 30 mins ~ of Meditation (+breathing) will refresh your mind and body. Time flame is perfectly suitable for cooperate lunch break. It is for loving employers who care for employee’s well-being. 


The content of the class is Mindfulness, which is accessible for everyone. Yoga mats are not needed, breathing technique for calming / uplifting mind and then meditation. 


Mindfulness that Google adopted into their employee’s education and became famous. (Emi is currently attending this Mindfulness teacher training course made by Google.) Why don’t you bring this overwhelmingly positive effects to your office?  

We do a movement to release tensions from shoulders and neck to be able to breathe easier.

Breathing adjusts autonomic nerves correctly and ground you. Clarify your thoughts. 

Rest the mind by meditation and refresh yourself.

Release tensions from your head and mind and become able to acknowledge things from wider perspective.

Emotional stability will help you to be more kind to others. 


These are feedbacks from the meditation class,

“more focused.”

“The mind is clearer.”

“Being able to listen from the other’s point of view.”

“Become clear how to act as a leader.”



30 mins session would make you feel different, although 1 hour~ session is recommended.  


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