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Do you have a rest?

Are you living with a maximum version of “You”?


Are you enjoying your life as if time does not exist?

Do you feel alive?

Do you feel love naturally spring up from your inner self?


Originally, Mindfulness was a meditation method for Buddhism. 

Recently, the religious element of Mindfulness is totally faded out and it has been used as a daily self-care tool, accessible for everyone.  


“Great for the soul”

“Great for the brain”


These effects are already scientifically verified. 


It is proven to:


“increase the level of concentration”

“bring out the best performance”

“become the best version of yourself”

Like, “a surface of water where there is no wave reflecting the truth most clearly.”

 it is helpful to connect to the inner-self when you calm your soul / mind. 


For example, 


Have you experience:


...anxiety, irritation, anger and sadness going around your mind


…cannot sleep well with feeling stress


...always feeling tired even with ample sleep


…hard to image a bright future


…cannot concentrate


…not knowing what to do


The reason why hesitation and suffering occurred, is from being obsessed with everything that constantly change. Also, because of getting further apart form the real essence of yourself. 

Mindfulness with Emi offers seminars and Mindfulness teacher training course as Emi believes that meditation is for everyone at any level.

Before the typical meditation start which is the simplest and the most difficult one,

“sit down and close your eyes… give full consciousness to breathing.”,


There will be clear explanation of:

What is Meditation?


What is the benefit of Meditation?


What is Mindfulness?


What is a meditative state?


What is stress?


Alternative approach to brain to body / body to brain.


Preparation for entering meditation.


Mindfulness meditation method for daily life.


What is breathing? The importance of breathing and it’s anatomy.






Relearning of senses.


Relearning of emotions.


Mindfulness Yoga.


To know yourself correctly. 


What is empathy? Smoothening relationships.


Mindful Communication.


Increasing love.


Mercy training 


Through the sessions.



Peace from within. Love from within.  

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