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Emi was born in Tokyo, Japan.

1998, she started to travel overseas to USA, Asia and Europe.

2005, migrated to Byron Bay Australia.

Prior to coming to Australia, she was attracted to the philosophy of Yoga and started attending Yoga classes.

2007, Emi completed the Yoga teacher training course in Australia.

Also attended and completed 10 days Vipassana meditation. After that, Emi has been working as a simulatenous interpreter and the course facilitator in the subject of meditation, philosophy of Yoga and Yoga therapy related matters.


2010, her passion for travelling recurred.

Emi continued roaming and organise workshops and meditation circles, such as “Yoga and Meditation for women” in Japan and overseas.

Emi felt that meditation keeps her centered and is devoted to it everyday.

To further her learning of Meditation, she had participated in varias courses such as Vippasana follow ups, breathe work, business meditation workshop, OSHO meditation etc.


2014, Emi Joined Emil Wendel's philosophy retreat and deepened hr understanding of breathing and meditation.

Additionally, she learned more about the relation of Yoga and mental health by being an interpreter of her teacher Maria Kirstin who is a Yoga therapist and occupational therapist.


2015, Emi experienced her birth journey and had a son, through difficult separation and becoming a single mother, she kept herself really close to Yoga and Mindfulness.


2016, started to teach earnestly Mindfulness Meditation around Japan and beyond, sharing her idea that meditation is for everyone, not just for Yogi or Buddhist. “Love yourself. Peace within yourself”


2017, Emi attended Google's Mindfulness 2 days program SIY(Search Inside Yourself) in Sydney and deeply impressed. After attending this 9 months Mindfulness teacher training course of SIYLI(Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute)., she is now about 1 of the 10th certified teacher to deliver the program in both Japan and Australia. The program 

is based on Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness, which is for everyone to pick up a piece of yourself.

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