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Mindfulness Meditation Introduction WS

This course is recommended for beginners of meditation and Mindfulness, people who practice meditation but not quite sure and people who wish to deepen their meditation by understanding more about brain science, anatomy as well as breathing. 


This workshop is an introduction that allows the easy entry to meditation for everyone. 


What is Mindfulness?

What is Meditation?

How do you close your eye and sit?

Before the simplest and the most difficult instruction, “sit down and close your eyes… bring your full consciousness to the breath.” and this workshop will practice:


What is a meditative state? Where is the ideal objective?

What is Mindfulness?

Science on Meditation.

Alternate approach to brain to body / body to brain.

Preparation to enter meditation.

Mindfulness for daily life.

What is breathing? Anatomy of breathing.

Relearning of senses.

Yoga releasing tension from shoulders and neck.

Empathy increasing meditation.


Meditation is known to increase compassion and empathy. 

Compassion and empathy are essential to our social life. 

Mindfulness approach to life will be able to build smoother, warmer and friendlier human relationships…

But first of all, to yourself.


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